Fiorina wraps up Las Vegas two-day tour

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - Plush seating. Dimly lit room. Fires burning in the fireplace. Attractive servers handing out beverages.
It could only mean one thing.
A Carly Fiorina campaign event?
In one of those "Only In Las Vegas" moments, the Peppermill's Fireside Lounge was an early Monday morning backdrop to "Coffee with Carly," as the former Hewlett-Packard CEO held a meet-and-greet with her supporters.
The lounge, a monument to crushed velvet couches, soft blue and pink neon - and of course, fire, was jammed and cozy.
Fiorina was there, wrapping up a weekend in Nevada. She told the crowd she was in it to win it, despite a campaign that sits in the low single digits.
"Had we believed the polls and the pundits, we would have had a President Howard Dean, a President Rudy Giuliani, we would have already had a President Hillary Clinton, and we never would have had President Ronald Reagan," said Fiorina.
Fiorina's Monday message was simple: Democrat Hillary Clinton would be horrible for the country.
Fiorina brought her brand of conservatism and accountability to an audience that liked what it heard.
"Let me tell you something. Today we have more IRS agents, more IRS personnel, then we have CIA and FBI combined. Does that strike you as a problem in a dangerous time?" she asked rhetorically.
In a GOP field that may be on the verge of narrowing dramatically, Fiorina is fighting to stand out. Her moment came at the 2nd GOP debate in California when she deftly challenged Donald Trump for questioning her looks. Since that moment, the field has fluctuated. At the most recent debate, Fiorina was relegated to the "undercard."
"Carly is a phenomenal personality," said local conservative talk show host Kevin Wall, who holds court for three hours each morning on 790 Talk Now. "She's a great candidate. The question is, does she have enough support to stay in this race much beyond February 1 [Iowa] or even to the caucus [Nevada]."
Who are Wall's listeners talking about?
"Trump, Trump, Trumpand more Trump," said Wall.
Wall's audience will be in orbit later this week. Trump returns to Las Vegas on Thursday, holding a 1 p.m. rally at the South Point. It's his first campaign visit here since last October, not counting his night at the December debate at the Venetian.
Trump arrives here with a healthy lead nationally. However, he's facing a very strong challenge from Ted Cruz in Iowa, where the two are neck-and-neck.
"I think right now, I think it's a two, maybe a three-person race," said Wall. "I think Ben Carson is done. I think Rand Paul is essentially done."
Wall is struck by the durability of Trump's support.
"These people may disagree with Donald Trump on one, or two, or maybe three issues, but they don't care," said Wall. "They're angry, and they want an angry candidate, and Donald Trump is their angry candidate."
At the Peppermill, the audience at the mood-lit campaign event was attentive. As anger goes, it may not be Trump-esque, but there were folks here who were simmering.
Others were simply impressed with the candidate and her message.
"I just like that she is an outsider in this political system," said Henry Weinacker. "It's nice to see someone who's been successful in the business world out there talking about how we can reform what's going on in America."
At the entrance to the lounge sat Ginny Hill, manning the Fiorina table. Next to her was a life-size Fiorina cut-out.
"I love her because she's honest," said Hill. "She understands what America is going through - tough times. But it's going to be better when she's President."